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New Support For Melbourne Businesses In Lockdown

New Support for Melbourne Businesses in Lockdown

The Victorian Government has announced additional support for businesses most affected by the extension of the public health lockdown in Melbourne.

Grants from the $367 million joint Commonwealth-Victorian package will flow to more than 100,000 businesses across Melbourne.

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The Small Business COVID Hardship Fund

The Small Business COVID Hardship Fund provides $10,000 grants for eligible small and medium businesses that have experienced a reduction in turnover of at least 70 per cent.

The Fund will assist eligible small and medium businesses:

  • whose operations have been severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place between 27 May 2021 and August 2021
  • that have experienced at least a 70% reduction in turnover as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions
  • that are not eligible for other key COVID-19 Victorian Government business grant programs that have been announced since 27 May 2021.

This program will allow more businesses that have previously not received support, to receive financial relief now.

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Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund 2021

Automatic payments of $5,000, $10,000 and $20,0000 will be made in coming weeks to more than 7,000 licensed hospitality venues in metropolitan Melbourne that have previously received or been approved grants under the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund program.  

Payment amounts will be tiered according to venue capacity: $5,000 for a capacity of up to 99 patrons, $10,000 for 100-499 patrons and $20,000 for a capacity of 500-plus. 

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Business Costs Assistance Program

More than 95,000 businesses in metropolitan Melbourne will automatically receive payments of $2,800, with grants scheduled to be paid within seven business days.

This new $271 million Business Costs Assistance Program assistance will allow businesses across multiple sectors to continue paying overheads and other costs despite significant impacts on revenue

Under the new initiative, businesses including sole traders who have received or been approved for a Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two or Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two July Extension grant, or a Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund grant, will receive an automatic payment.

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COVID-19 Disaster Payments

Eligible workers across the state who lose hours due to the lockdown will be able to access the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Disaster Payment, as will individuals who are sole-trader businesses who lose work and that do not qualify for Victorian Government support programs.

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment is administered through Services Australia, with the Federal Government funding the areas declared a Commonwealth hotspot and the Victorian Government assuming responsibility to fund payments in the rest of the state.

The payment is set at $450 for people who have lost from eight and up to 20 hours work or a full day of work (over seven days), and $750 for 20 hours or more of work lost. People who receive certain Commonwealth income support are eligible to receive a $200 payment.

Sporting Club Grants Program

Eligible Victorian sport and active recreation organisations impacted by the recent lockdowns in Victoria can now apply for grants of $2,000 through the Victorian Government’s Sporting Club Grants Program.

The grants are to compensate for irrecoverable costs greater than $2,000 arising directly from the cancellation or postponement of events during lockdowns. For specific dates, details on the program and eligibility of applications, please refer to the guidelines.

Applications close Friday 27 August 2021 or when funds are exhausted.


Small Business virtual mentoring available

The Small Business Bus delivers support across Victoria. During lockdown, all bus sessions will be conducted virtually. Book a 45-minute session to get free and confidential advice from our business experts. You can use sessions to set business goals, resolve financial issues and develop your business plan


Free help from the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline

If you run your own small business, you’re used to handling problems on your own. But you don’t have to.

Get free and confidential wellbeing coaching, financial counselling and business advice for you and your employees.

Call the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline on 1300 375 330 for assistance between 9am to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. A live chat function is also available on the website.


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