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Guitars Plus

What does your business offer?

Extreme expert advice on all things guitar related, in fact all types of fretted instruments, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos basses. Sales, repairs and restoration and tuition.

There’s a massive uptake of young ones, taking up the guitar. Our current youngest student is 5, our oldest 87.

We sell guitars to 5 year old children as well as some of the most known guitarists in the world.

When did you open your business in Sandy Village?

November 1982

Why did you choose Sandy Village to run your business?

At the time I resided in Frankston and didn’t want to travel too far. The building seemed secure, faced south (north facing shop front, a big no no for instruments).

Was opposite a big rock music venue - which shut the weekend we started trading, but we’d signed the lease and just got on with it.

The Beach Road arterial on one side and the Sandringham Rail terminus on the other helped, as well as parking bays directly in front of store, essential with clients dropping repairs constantly, and parents dropping children for tuition.

Why did you start your business?

I’d been selling and fixing guitars as well as playing in bands since I left school, in fact I was even doing it at school. A combination of being fascinated with Jimi Hendrix and an English shopkeeper outlook combined meant I was always going to be a guitar dealer.

After working in London and then Frankston for other businesses, it was time to step out alone, I did have a partner for about 2 years though.  

What’s your proudest moment in business?

Short circuiting a local collector whom was about to make a very large purchase through an American dealer, but I knew another local collector who had several similar instruments coming up for sale.

I put the two together - a six figure deal.

What’s something your business offers that people may not know about?

Knowledge of the worlds most popular instrument that is unsurpassed. Every single instrument, whether a $99 entry level starter guitar, or a vintage high end classic, is made to play to its optimum.

I made my own guitar in Verona Italy in 2017, that was an experience that I’ve used frequently in further understanding of guitar knowledge. If any instrument doesn’t pass muster it gets broken up and used for parts, used for props in films and stage productions, ad campaigns or as decorative pieces on walls of restaurants etc.

What’s a typical day at Guitars Plus like?

Open at 10, survey overnight emails - we export guitars all over the world and we try and send day of order, then get the days repair staff organised and direct new teaching inquiries to appropriate teacher.

Chasing up special order items or products out of stock.

70-80% of our over counter business is done in the last three hours of the day, but you never know, a phone call from a school, another business or a touring rock band may you take a different tack.

Generally finish around 6, head home or Hobson’s and you’ll see me frequenting the many bars and eateries, we are fortunate to have in our mini metropolis.

Interesting facts about your business and/or yourself:

All staff play in musical outfits of high calibre, my son Joshua and Alex Yarosh, our two main teachers are gifted and hard working guitarists of the highest order.

I play in two bands - one covers and one all original self written songs.
The fact we’ve been trading non stop since 1982 - approaching 39 years many find interesting.

I was born in the same hospital as Sir Paul McCartney.

What’s your favourite sport/team?

Formula One - went to my first F1 race age 13, and through my connections was fortunate to meet the winner of that race in Melbourne a few years ago.
Sir Jackie Stewart, three time F1 World Champ.

I’m gutted that England didn’t manage it the other day and follow the Saints in the AFL and Liverpool in EPL.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Reading, collecting Hawaiian Ukuleles, watching Formula One, playing in two rock bands, writing songs with my friend Dave, who is a fine blues rock singer and a brilliant lyricist.

What’s your favourite hangout in Sandy Village?

The Hobson’s Stores, Limoncello, and Baia.

Hard to beat Annie’s rolls at Lucky Star bakery though and Le Phan has the best Vietnamese tucker south of Hanoi.

Best thing about Sandy Village aside from your business?

We have the lot!

Excellent library, couple of decent op shops, very good Coles and a good array of shops and multi cultural restaurants and eateries.

Police station and rail terminus - always get a seat.
Bay views in profusion.
Uncorked Wines is a wonderful wine shop that is world class, all staff extremely knowledgeable.

Need I go on? Sandy is hard to beat.

My wife and I now reside in the village and we both love it dearly.

Where can you find Chris and Guitars Plus?

5 Melrose St, Sandringham VIC 3191

Tel: (03) 9597 0423

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